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Turbine Building - RBMK

Turbine-generator sets usually have 2 bearings for each major component - high pressure turbine, low pressure turbines, generator - and 1 end bearing for the exciter. The turbines have an extensive oil system which provides lubrication for those bearings.

This picture at a RBMK facility shows a turbine generator set with a lubricating oil system located in the pit area below the turbine. There are usually a large storage tank, coolers to remove heat from the oil, pumps to circulate the oil, and filters and purifiers to keep the oil clean and free from chemical and particle impurities.

Photo by J.A. Gonyeau

Most turbines also have a separate hydraulic oil system used for operating the valves that admit steam to the turbine. Stop valves are either open or closed - and are upstream from the control, governor, or throttle valves that regulate how much steam goes to the turbine.

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