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Turbine Hall - RBMK

This photo shows one of four turbine-generators in the large Turbine hall of a RMBK style plant. The Exciter is the closest component located in the rectangular housing on the right hand side. The Generator is in the cylindrical chamber. The generator produces the electricity at approximately 20, 000 volts. The generator is usually cooled by hydrogen gas, which is, in turn, cooled by sea, lake, or river water. There are usually 2 or 3 Low Pressure Turbines in large housings. The steam that drives the large blades is usually at a pressure of 125 to 150 pounds per square inch (psi).
Photo by J.A. Gonyeau

At the far end of this turbine is a small High Pressure Turbine. The steam comes directly from steam separators that remove moisture from the steam produced in the RBMK reactor. The steam supplied to the High Pressure Turbine is usually at a pressure of approximately 1000 psi. Outside the United States, many power plants use two generators per generating unit.

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