Essential Service Water Systems

The Essential Water Systems are used to provide cooling to the safety-related equipment that must function during and following an accident. Equipment typically cooled by such systems are:

 This system also provides emergency water supplies to:

The water supply can be either the normal supply or a special safety-related supply. As example of the latter case would be an underground pipe that could supply water even if an earthquake occurred.

The pumps used to supply water are independent of electrical power (e.g gas turbine or diesel driven).

Safety-grade screens and strainers are used to remove large size contaminants from the water. Redundant flow paths are available to assure that no one single failure would cause a system failure.

Sample System Diagrams

The Containment, Auxiliary Building, and Screenhouse diagrams below illustrate the redundant paths and the types of components cooled or provided water by the emergency service water system. The Screenhouse diagram also shows the supply portion of a system illustrating multiple pumps and flow paths.

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