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Different Control Room Layouts - VVER plant and PWR plant comparison

Russian and Eastern European plants use the mimic design plan as shown in this photo. A mimic design uses simplified sketches of major plant systems provided on the uppermost panels. As may be noted this uppermost panel has a number of red and green lights. In power plants typically green indicates a valve is closed or a breaker is open. Red indicates valve open or a breaker is closed.

In some power plants alarm lights are included within the system flow path. Usually, alarm light are mounted separately in massive arrays.

The third panel from the left represents the reactor and the 6 loops used in the VVER-440 design. The VVER design has large motor operated valves in each loop which are designed to be shut if abnormal leakage occurs from the reactor cooling system.The vertical panels usually include recorders that indicate temeratures, pressures, levels, flowrates for the various systems.
This lower photo shows the design used with a Framatome reactor design. In most designs, each system has its own control panel. The benchboard as on the left is used for more commonly operated equipment.

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