Safety Analysis Reports

Nuclear power plant operators, i.e. licensees, are expected to maintain updated safety analysis reports on how the plant is designed, operated, and maintained. Initially, a Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR) must be filed with the regulatory agency. The agency reviews the information, asks questions, and may specify changes in the plant design or additional requirements. After the plant receives its operating license, the report is often referred to as the Final (or Updated) Safety Analysis Report.

Updated copies of these reports are maintained in the local public document center, usually a public library near the plant. In the United States, the safety analyses reports are reviewed using NUREG-0800, Standard Review Plan for the Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants, as a guide. NUREG-0800 identifies the requirements that the NRC expects the power plant operator to comply with.

Taiwan's Atomic Energy Council has provided a copy of the Lungmen PSAR on the website. The general table of contents is provided below. The TAEC site provides dropdown menus for each chapter/appendix. This report is typical of the information that a utility is expected to provide to the regulatory agency. In this specific case, the Taiwan nuclear laws require compliance with the same US Nuclear Regulatory Commission standards as US plants must meet.

Total volume of the PSAR is about 90 MB and includes hundreds of drawings and tables. The documents are typically PDF files.

Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR)

Courtesy DOE and TVA

(Preliminary Safety Analysis Report, PSAR)

1 1.0 Introduction and General Description of Plant 
2 2.0 Site Characteristics 
3 3.0 Design of Structures, Components, Equipment, and Systems 
4 4.0 Reactor 
5 5.0 Reactor Coolant System and Connected Systems 
6 6.0 Engineered Safety Features 
7 7.0 Instrumentation and Control Systems 
8 8.0 Electric Power 
9 9.0 Auxiliary Systems 
10 10.0 Steam and Power Conversion System 
11 11.0 Radioactive Waste Management 
12 12.0 Radiation Protection 
13 13.0 Conduct of Operations 
14 14.0 Initial Test Program 
15 15.0 Accident Analysis 
16 16.0 Preliminary Technical Specifications (PSAR) 
16-1 16B Technical Specifications (Bases) 
17 17.0 Quality Assurance 
18 18.0 Human Factors Engineering 
19 19.0 Severe Accident Analysis 
A Appendix A Probabilistic Risk Assessment 
B Appendix B Integrated Reliability Analysis (IRA) 
C Appendix C Emergency Plan 
D Appendix D Backend Program 
E Appendix E Experience Feedback 

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