Textbook References

The following is a list of good textbooks on nuclear power generation and waste - theory, consequences, methods. 

Raymond L. Murray,  Butterworth-Heinemann, Woburn, MA (2001), 5th Edition,  ISBN 0-7506-7136X

Ronald Allen Knief,  Hemisphere Publishing Corp., Taylor & Francis, Washington, DC (1992), ISBN 1-56032-089-3. 

Samuel Glasstone and Alexander Sesonske,  Chapman and Hall, New York (1994), ISBN 0-412-98521-7 (v. 1), ISBN0-412-98531-4 (v. 2)

Merril Eisenbud, Academic Press Inc. (1987), ISBN 0-12-253153-3

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Edited by Michio Kaku and Jennifer Trainer, W.W. Norton & Company (1982), ISBN 0-393-01631-5

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Edited by John E. Till and H. Robert Meyer, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1983)

Norman J. McCormick, Academic Press Inc. (1981), ISBN 0-12-482360-2

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