Transportation of Nuclear Waste

Since the 1960's, radioactive waste has been shipped by train or truck within the United States. In earlier days, spent naval and miltary reactors were shipped to the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant near Idaho Falls, Idaho. Commercial spent fuel was shipped to West Valley, NY and Morris, Illinois. Throughout the period, low level waste shipments (e.g. spent resin) have gone to Barnwell, SC, Hanford, WA and Beatty, NV. Some groups have expressed concern about anticipated shipments of spent fuel assemblies to Yucca Mountain, Nevada. These concerns focus on transportation accidents. Prior to any major change in shipments (from the current 2400), public protection should be assured by addressing the issues - (1) what is the anticipated frequency and major routes for these shipments, (2) what is the anticipated frequency of accidents involving these shipments, (3) if accidents occur, is there sufficient containment to ensure there will not be radioactive release affecting the public or the environment due to expected causes -  rollover, fire, crash, (4) are local agencies familiar enough with emergency plans addressing radioactive materials.  If these questions can be satisfactorily addressed, then shipments could be expected to occur.

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