The Case Against Nuclear Power 

Starting in the 1970's, a small number of prominent individuals stepped forward to speak against use of nuclear energy, often as a matter of conscience. These individuals were highly respected in their field of expertise and included:  Dr. John W. Gofman, Dr. Arthur R. Tamplin, Dr. Karl Z. Morgan, and Dr. Ernest Sternglass.

Subsequently, a number of organizations expressed concerns about uses of nuclear energy, including Greenpeace, Nuclear Control Institute, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Public Citizen, Sierra Club, and Union of Concerned Scientists.

In some cases, the concern was raised about nuclear weapons, their aftereffects, and government responsibility. In other cases, the alarm was about nuclear power, plutonium, low level radiation effects, and accidents.

On the other hand, a number of prominent scientists have spoken in favor of nuclear energy. 

Strong opinions by individuals of high moral character have been expressed for and against nuclear power. As you search for the truth, be sure to weigh the objective evidence, since you will find there are pros and cons on both sides of this highly emotional issue. 

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