map.gif (20101 bytes) Taiwan has 6 units owned/operated by Taipower (Taiwan Power Company):
  • Chinshan 1 & 2  (636 MWe each; BWR 4)
  • Kuosheng 1 & 2 (985 MWe each; BWR 6)
  • Maanshan 1 & 2 (951 MWe each; PWR, 3 loop)

Although nuclear is ~ 19.3% of the installed capacity, actual production is ~ 24.6% because of the lower production costs (including fuel) of the nuclear plants.

Pacific Northwest Laboratory site provides background on the fuel cycle, capacity, regulatory and industrial structure, and future plans. The Atomic Energy Council, the regulatory agency, has a website which provides some information in English, e.g. Regulatory control of Low Level Waste.

In 1997, an agreement was made with North Korea for storage of 200,000 barrels of low level waste. (WISE)

2 additional 1300 MWe advanced BWR reactors are being built at Yenliao and are expected to startup in the 2004-2005 timeframe.

Graphic courtesy AEC

The Maanshan units were designed by Westinghouse. The PWR Cycle page describes the principles of operation and major components used in the Maanshan reactors.

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