Switzerland has 5 operating reactors. Sites are listed below with links to a page giving reactor specifics (in German).

Courtesy HSK

Courtesy HSK

These reactors are each operated by an independent operating company:

The Leibstadt plant, a General Electric BWR, is shown below.
The Swiss Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (HSK) is the Swiss regulatory agency. They maintain French, English, and German websites. The Swiss reactor annual report (2000) can be downloaded. 

The Paul Scherrer Institute, with s staff of 1200, is the largest national research institute in Switzerland. As a multidisciplinary research center for natural sciences and engineering, PSI together with universities and industry uses its large facilities to carry out basic and applied research in particle physics, life sciences, solid-state physics and material sciences, energy technology, and environmental sciences. 


Courtesy KKN - Leibstadt NPP

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