Nuclear Power Plants - Lithuania

Lithuania has a 2 unit RBMK-1500 site located near Visaginas, a 3 hour drive northeast of the capital, Vilnius. See the map showing the location.

Courtesy Ignalina NPP

The area around the plant, mostly flat terrain with trees and lakes, is reminiscent of northern Minnesota.

Courtesy Ignalina NPP

Unit 1 was operational in 1982 and Unit 2 in 1987. Since the Ignalina units had the highest power density rating of any of the RBMK reactors and are similar to the Chernobyl design, there has been considerable pressure by the European Union and Sweden to shut the units down.

Each unit has two - 800 MWe-3000 rpm generators. The Lithuanian agency (IAE) that operates the facility provides a very informative IAE site (with photo gallery) - US Mirror site (without photo gallery). The plant has developed (a) four 12-20 MB video gallery clips about each of the units, plant history, and ecology of the area, (b) summary about plant safety issues, (c) four 5 MB video clips about plant operation, (d) graphical calculator comparing nuclear to coal and oil, (e) discussion about decommissioning activities. The website provides the complete IAEA document - Quality Assurance for Safety in Nuclear Power Plants and other nuclear installations Code and Safety Guides Q1-Q14.

The website also provides current plant operating conditions. Unit 1 is shutdown for decommissioning.

Courtesy Ignalina NPP

Each month the plant Information Center publishes a report summarizing plant operation, reliability, and safety performance.

The Lithuanian Energy Institute Ignalina Safety Analysis Group has published:

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