Nuclear Power Plants - South Africa

ESKOM, the South African electric utility, operates a 2 unit site at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station near Capetown (see map for location). Each unit is a 3 loop Framatome Pressurized Water Reactor rated at 920 MWe. The turbine-generator sets were provided by Alsthom. The picture below shows the 2 units, each with a metal/concrete containment. A breakwater can be seen on the seaward side of the plant. The condenser on the secondary side is cooled by seawater. Unit 1 started up in 1984 and Unit 2 in 1985. Eskom describes The Koeberg Experience on their website.

Courtesy ESKOM

The Framatome units are the French version of the Westinghouse PWR. Each of the 3 cooling loops is connected to the reactor and a reactor coolant pump and a steam generator. A pressurizer is connected to one of the 3 loops.

Courtesy ESKOM

A number of simplified diagrams illustrate the the design of this pressurized water reactor plant (courtesy Westinghouse). The following are colored perspective and arrangement drawings of

The flow paths are illustrated by a colored graphic flow diagram and a black and white line drawing. The following describes the flow path and the linked drawings illustrate, in detail, the composition and major parts of the components. The temperatures stated are representative of many PWRs and may vary for specific plants.

Courtesy ESKOM

The photo above shows the plant view from the intake basin. In the foreground is the screenhouse which conditions the seawater before it is pumped by large circulating water pumps through the condenser and back to the sea.

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