China - Daya Bay, Quinshan

Daya Bay

Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant in the People's Republic of China. Located approximately 2 hours north of Hong Kong on the seacoast, the plant has 2 Framatome PWR nuclear units, each generating 900 electrical megawatts (MWe). The facility provides power to Guangdong province and Hong Kong.

The Framatome design has 3 reactor coolant loops with vertical U-tube steam generators. As with all pressurized water reactors, the pressurizer with heaters and spray control valves regulate pressure within a small pressure band of about 30 psi about a nominal pressure of 2235 psi.

Daya Bay also has installed the French design of a sand filter (refer to the 2nd page - you will need Acrobat Reader to view the figures) as means to release pressure in the event of an extremely serious accident inside the containment where pressure must be reduced (after the operation of the containment spray system).

Recently 2 CANDU units were purchased by the Chinese electric utility.

Photos of some areas of the plant (provided by Daya Bay NPP) include:

A number of simplified diagrams illustrate the the design of this pressurized water reactor plant. Although these diagrams were provided by Westinghouse, they are representative of the Framatome design. For more information, see the PWR cycle page.

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