Kewaunee - Point Beach Nuclear Plants - Eastern Wisconsin

The Kewaunee-Point Beach units are located on Lake Michigan north of Two Rivers and Manitowoc. Each unit has a Westinghouse 2 Loop Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) (for more on the PWR plant cycle). All 3 units are operated by the Nuclear Management Company based in Hudson, Wisconsin. The Kewaunee facility is located approximately 5 miles north of the 2 unit Point Beach facility.

Owners, Current Unit Output, and Commercial start dates are:

Unit Owner(s) MWe Commercial Operation
Kewaunee Wisconsin Public Service, Wisconsin Electric Power 500 1974
Point Beach 1 Wisconsin Electric Power 500 1970
Point Beach 2 Wisconsin Electric Power 500 1972


Kewaunee in summer with the substation in the foreground, auxiliary building and containment in the background.
Kewaunee in winter as viewed from State Highway 42.

Point Beach

In the photo, the Turbine Building is shared between the 2 units, unit 1 to the left. The Reactor Cooling System is located in the containment. The 2 containments are the tall buildings behind the Turbine building. Click for a daytime photo showing the plant layout (93K)

Courtesy WEP

Specifics on various plant systems including drawings are available in the NRC plant information books for:

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