North Anna and Surry Nuclear Power Plants - Virginia

The North Anna and Surry power plant sites are located in Virginia near Norfolk. Each site has 2 Westinghouse 3 Loop Pressurized Water Reactors. All 4 units are owned and operated by Virginia Power, based in Richmond, Virginia. 

North Anna 

Each North Anna unit is rated at 947 MWe. The 2 units were started in 1978 and 1980. NRC Books - North Anna 1 - North Anna 2.


Each Surry unit is rated at 823 MWe. The 2 units were started in 1972 and 1973. In the clearing half-way up the figure is the spent fuel storage cask facility. A canal is used to take water from the James River. 

Courtesy American Nuclear Society - Nuclear News

A number of simplified diagrams illustrate the design of this pressurized water reactor plant (courtesy Westinghouse).

Emergency equipment for each unit include:

NRC Books - Surry 1 - Surry 2.

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