Callaway & Wolf Creek - The SNUPPS Plants

In the 1970's, 4 utilities - Kansas Electric, Northern States Power, Rochester Gas & Electric, and Union Electric - started on a path to design and build 6 standardized units. Due to depressed electrical demand following the oil embargo and the uncertainty involved with licensing new reactors following the TMI event, NSP and RG&E cancelled the Tyrone and Sterling facilities. Kansas Electric and Union Electric, with Bechtel as the architect-engineer and Westinghouse as the nuclear equipment supplier subsequently completed the design, built, and started up the Wolf Creek and Callaway plants. Both are 4 loop Westinghouse PWRs.

Callaway is located in Fulton county about 100 miles northwest of Saint Louis, Missouri. Ameren Corporation provides a page about Callaway with history. Below are some photos of the Callaway facility.

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Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Company provides pages on the following topics:

  • Y2K challenges
  • About Wolf Creek
  • Why nuclear fuel?
  • Coffey County Lake
  • How it works
  • Wolf logo
  • Milestones
  • Owners
  • Safety
  • Caring for the Environment
  • Public Outreach
  • Environmental Education Area
  • Emergency Plan
  • News List
  • HomePage
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    The following are colored perspective and arrangement drawings of

    The flow paths are illustrated by a colored graphic flow diagram and a black and white line drawing. The following describes the flow path and the linked drawings illustrate, in detail, the composition and major parts of the components.

    Specifics on various plant systems including drawings are available in the NRC plant information books for Callaway and Wolf Creek.

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