The Pennsylvania Plants: Limerick - TMI - Susquehanna - Peach Bottom

Exelon owns/operates the following facilities in Pennsylvania and nearby states:


New Jersey


The Limerick facility has 2 General Electric BWR units. In the photo above, note the natural draft cooling towers in the background. This faciltiy is located northwest of Philadelphia.
Three Mile Island
Three Mile Island consists of 2 Babcock and Wilcox PWR units. Unit 1 is owned / operated by Amergen, a subsidiary of PECO and British Energy. Unit 2 had a major accident in 1979. The unit is permanently shutdown and core was removed.  

Peach Bottom

The Peach Bottom facility near York, Pennsylvania on the Susquehanna River has 2 older General Electric BWR-3 units. The original Unit 1 gas cooled reactor was shutdown in the 1970's.


The Susquehanna facility near Berwick, Pennsylvania has 2 General Electric BWR units. In the background note the natural draft cooling towers. PP&L owns/operates this facility northwest of Philadelphia.

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