CANDU Reactor - Fuel

CANDU Reactor Design
The CANDU reactor consists of the horizontal cylinder called the Calandria. Fuel and coolant (Calandria) tubes run horizontally. Moderator inlet and outlet tubes direct the moderator through the calandria, then to the external heat exchanger for cooling. The control rods enter from the top and control the distribution of power in the reactor and can be used to shutdown the reactor. The shield tank is used to reduce radiation levels near the reactor.
Courtesy Canadian Nuclear Association
Refueling Machine and Calandria
CANDU reactors can be refueled on-line. This photo shows the refueling machine. New fuel assemblies are added horizontally and the spent fuel assemblies are pushed out to the spent fuel storage area. The fuel design is shown below.
Courtesy Canadian Nuclear Association
CANDU Fuel Assembly
The fuel assemblies used in the reactor are ~ 1.5 feet (0.5 m) long, consisting of individual rods. The cladding is Zircaloy and the fuel pellets consist of uranium dioxide.
Courtesy Canadian Nuclear Association

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