NOTICE regarding information on this site and e-mails attributed to this site


In light of the September 11 and subsequent terrorist attacks on the United States of America, selected information will no longer be available on this website. As a result, you may encounter some dead links in the short term.

I regret having to take this action since I believe that all in the world can be enriched by an open society. Unfortunately, some criminals, as those responsible for the September 11 attacks, are intent on destroying that free and open society. The United States is a multicultural society composed of many different political and religious beliefs. We may not agree a lot of the time, however, there is one thing we agree on this time ... an attack as that which occurred on September 11 is an attack on us all. As a member of that society, I cannot responsibly allow educational materials intended for the benefit of all to be manipulated to affect persons or institutions in that free society.

Responding to questions

I will answer questions submitted through the guestbook depending on the source and nature of the questions. Answers will either be sent by e-mail or placed in the guestbook.

E-mail attributed to this site

In 2004, I have received notice of viruses sent in e-mails from and Since I do not use these addresses for sending e-mails, it appears they are being spoofed. If you receive e-mails from these addresses, they are bogus. If you ask questions using the guestbook or the e-mail links on this site, I use a different e-mail address for responding with the subject line, e.g. Virtual Nuclear Tourist Guestbook Question/Comment. I also use a virus checker on any e-mail sent.


Joseph Gonyeau

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