United States
Argonne National Laboratory - Nuclear Safety Information Database
This site contains a Department of Energy (DOE) database with technical information about nuclear plants around the world. There is also information on reactor materials and links to other DOE facilities.
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
The NRC site provides useful information about facilities in the United States including descriptions and drawings of plant systems. The NRC also maintains a public document room which provides information about licensing actions for the U.S. power plants. Information is provided about nuclear safety questions. You can also obtain information about nuclear plant performance on a daily basis from the various listservers provided by the NRC.
Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
NEI is the nuclear energy industry's Washington-based policy organization. NEI provides very useful information in 5 areas - basics, benefits, nuclear safety, uses of nuclear energy, press releases, fact sheets, special reports, Insight monthly newsletter, other links
American Nuclear Society
The American Nuclear Society is the nuclear engineering and industry professional organization. The ANS sponsors seminars throughout the year on a variety of nuclear-related topics. A number of the student university branches stronglt support nuclear public education efforts on the Web.
Adams Atomic Engines
For information about using nuclear fission for other applications, be sure to visit this site. Mr. Adams has provided a very good background source.
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
The Electric Power Research Institute delivers the science and technology to make the generation, delivery, and use of electricity affordable, efficient, and environmentally sound. Created by U.S electric utilities in 1973, EPRI is one of America's oldest and largest research consortia.
Micro-simulation Technology
Micro-Simulation Technology started in 1985. This company has specialized in developing PC-based software that simulates the performance of nuclear power plants. The software is used for education and research, engineering analysis, probablistic safety assessment and emergency planning in seventeen countries.
Whyfiles - Radiation Education Project
The University of Wisconsin, a premier education institution in nuclear research, to developed this on-line curriculum to provide accurate information about the effects of radiation.
Frequently Asked Questions about Nuclear Energy / Radiation
Dr. John McCarthy of Stanford has provided these very good summaries on a number of the major questions and concerns that arise regarding nuclear power.
University of Michigan Health Physics
This site, maintained by the University of Michigan Student Chapter of the Health Physics Society, contains an excellent set of links to anything you would want to know about radiation and health physics - studies, regulations, risk, professional organizations, articles, photos.
University of California-Berkeley
UC Berkeley was one of the original educational institutions conducting research in nuclear science. The University's Nuclear Engineering department has links to other nuclear engineering departments around the world

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