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Uranium Information Centre (UIC)
The UIC provides a lot of very useful information about the nuclear fuel cycle, fact and data sheets regarding use of uranium as a fuel. The centre also has a number of very informative position papers, including such topics as enrichment, ships, plutonium. A significant contribution is the on-line text, Nuclear Electricity, which describes many portions of the fuel cycle with numerous tables and graphs. Australia is a major source of uranium.


Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) is a Public Limited Company under the administrative control of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India. It is responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the nuclear powered electrical generating stations.  NPCIL operates five nuclear power stations and is building two nuclear power projects.


Iran - Iraq - Israel


Japanese Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) focuses on developing innovative technologies such as advanced exploitation of atomic energy, achievement of higher safety in nuclear facilities, and extensive utilization of radiation, and it is coping with challenges leading to frontier sciences.

The Nuclear Safety Commission and Japan Nuclear Safety Organization (JNES) oversee nuclear safety in Japan . JNES provides an operating experience summary of the Japanese power plants. The Japan Atomic Energy Agency is the central nuclear energy research organization.

Japanese utilities are:
Chubu Electric operates the Hamaoka 1, 2, 3, and 4 Toshiba BWR units at Hamaoka-cho, Shizuoka.
Chugoku Electric
The Shimane 1and 2 Hitachi BWR units are located at Kashima-cho, Shimane.
Hokkaido Electric
Hokkaido Electric operates Tomari  1 and 2, 550 MWe units, located at Tomari-mura, Hokkaido.
Hokuriku Electric
Hokuriku Electric operates one Hitachi BWR, Shika 1, rated at 513 MWe, located at Shika-machi, Ishikawa.
Japan Atomic Power Company
JAPC operates reactors at Tokai Mura, Ibaraki and Tsuruga, Fukui. Three are General Electric BWR units and one is a Mitsubishi PWR unit. In addition, JAPC operated a UK General Electric gas cooled reactor rated 159 MWe at Tokai.  That unit started up in Nov. 65 and is permanently shutdown. S
Kansai Electric
Kansai Electric operates the 3 Mihama (Mihama-cho, Fukui) units, 4 Ohi (Ohi-cho, Fukui), and 4 Takahama (Takahama-cho, Fukui) units. The 11 units are PWRs designed by either Westinghouse or Mitsubishi.
Kyushu Electric
Kyushu Electric operates 6 Mitsubishi PWRs; 4 at Genkai, Saga and 2 at Sendai, Kagoshima.
Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute
The 246 Mwe Monju unit, designed by Mitsubishi. and located at Tsuruga, Fukui,  is Japan's first fast breeder reactor. Monju commenced operation in Feb. 1994. The Fugen ATR was an 148 MWe heavy water LWR made by Hitachi that started up in July 1978, but is being decommissioned .
Shikoku Electric
Skikoku Electric operates the 3 Ikata units - two 2 loop PWRs and one 3 loop PWR.
Tohoku Electric
Tohoku Electric operates two Toshiba BWR units at Onagawa, Miyagi.
Tokyo Electric
Tokyo Electric operates 16  BWR units, ranging from 439 to 1315 MWe, at 3 large facilities in Ohkuma and Naraha, Fukushima and Kashiwazaki, Niigata.
Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan - Japan's Nuclear Power Program
KINS, the Korean nuclear safety agency; KAERI, Korea's Research Agency,  KEPCO, the Korean electric utility.


Princeton University assessment - Pakistanís Chashma Nuclear Power Plant - A preliminary study of some safety issues and estimates of the consequences of a severe accident. The National Electrical Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) issued a generating license for Chasnupp on September 9, 2003. NEPRA publishes annual reports containing Electricity Statistics, including generation capacity, generated MWh, and consumption
Peoples' Republic of China
The China Atomic Energy Authority is responsible for  nuclear safety management, nuclear material control, radioactive wastes management and disposal.
The National Nuclear Safety Administration provides independent nuclear safety supervision on all civil nuclear facilities including nuclear power plants.
The China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) consists of over 100 member units, with a total staff of 100,000. Subsidiary owner operators are:
(1) Guangdong Nuclear Power Joint Venture Corporation Ltd. owns and operates the Guangdong province facilities (Daya Bay and Ling Ao).
(2) Qinshan Nuclear Power Company is the owner of Qinshan Nuclear Power Station.
China Engineering & Technology Nuclear Information Network publishes nuclear-related information.

Search engines on the China Internet Information Center and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Embassy in US) provide lists of related official news releases [Suggestion - type nuclear power plant].

South Africa
ESKOM is the 5th largest utility in the world. They operate the 2 Koeburg reactors, each with a capacity of ~900 MWe.
The Atomic Energy Council regulates nuclear power facilities in Taiwan. Taipower owns and operates the reactors on the island.

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