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Canadian nuclear reactors are regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), the successor to the former Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB).
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) is the manufacturer of the successful CANDU reactor design. Many reactors of which had very high capacity factors and very long operating cycles for a number of years. However, near the turn of the century, some of the operating companies experienced design, operating, and maintenance issues that resulted in restructuring AECL is also developing processes for long term storage of high level nuclear waste.
Canadian companies operating the reactors are - Ontario Power Generation (Nuclear division), Bruce Power, and Quebec Hydro - and the New Brunswick Power Commission operate the commercial facilities.
The Canadian Nuclear FAQ
Dr. Jeremy Whitlock's site, The Canadian Nuclear FAQ, answers numerous questions on the CANDU design and history.
Mike Garamszeghy presents a nicely-formatted directory of radwaste related companies, research centres, regulatory agencies, government organizations. Topic areas include - Disposal, Government, NGO's, Organizations, Regulatory, Research Centres, Services, Societies, Nuclear Utilities, Search Indices, Events.

CANDU Owners Group

CANTEACH is a non-commercial project dedicated to collecting educational and training materials related to CANDU technology.

Canadian Nuclear Association

Canadian Nuclear Society

Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica is the nuclear regulatory agency.

Nucleoeléctrica Argentina Sociedad Anónima (NASA) operates the two facilities - Embalse, Atucha 1 and Atucha 2 Nuclear Generating Stations.


Eletronuclear is the owner and operator of the Almirante Álvaro Alberto Nuclear Power Station, also known simply as the Angra Nuclear Power Plant, which consists of the Angra 1 and Angra 2 plants, in operation, and Angra 3, which is pending a governmental approval to resume construction and whose environmental impact studies for licensing purposes are presently under preparation.

Courtesy Fernando Henning - Opportunities and Obstacles for New Nuclear Power Plants in Brazil

Comision Federal de Electricidad operates the two unit General Electric BWR Laguna Verde plant.

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