Inside a VVER Plant

The VVER 440 series reactors have 6 reactor coolant loops. All of the plants, except Loviisa, have a confinement design. Loviisa has the traditional western containment. The confinement design uses accident localization vaults. The reactor coolant piping, reactor coolant pump, and steam generator for each loop are located within an enclosed vault. Each loop also has motor operated isolation valves so that, if a leak does occur in the loop piping, the loop can be isolated to reduce the likelihood of fluid loss.

The links below illustrate photos of the confinement, accident localization vault, and other major equipment in the VVER-440 design.

Ref: Prve Dielo Jadrovej Ery, Photography by Maria Durisova; Atomove Elektrarne Bohunice (1987)

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