Fuel Building

The Fuel Building (graphic) is used for:

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Component Decription

Component Function


Fuel Transfer Tube Isolation Valve

Together with a flange on the Containment side isolates Fuel Building from Containment when fuel transfers are not occurring


Fuel Transfer Tube

Used to transfer fuel between Fuel Building and Containment


Fuel Transfer Canal

Area where the transfer conveyor is located that is used to route the fuel assembly to the containment or receive the spent fuel assembly from containment.


Spent Fuel Storage Racks

Stainless steel racks with borated poly (or similar material) used to store each spent fuel assembly). Racks are about 16 feet high.


Spent Fuel Pool Bridge Crane

Crane used to move new and spent fuel assemblies


Spent Fuel Pool

A 40 foot deep pool that contains the storage racks for the spent fuel assemblies


Fuel Building Cask Loading Crane

A crane used for moving spent fuel into the stroage cask. For some plants this is the same as the spent fuel bridge crane.


Fuel Building Cask Handling Crane

A crane, typically rated at over 100 tons. This crane is designed so that no single failure can result in dropping the cask.


New Fuel Shipping Container Laydown Area

An area where new fuel is stored until the 2 assembly casks can be unloaded.


Cask Loading Pool

This is the small pool used for filling the cask with spent fuel.


Cask Washdown Pit

An area used for decontaminating the outside of the storage cask before is is moved to a rail car for transporting to an offsite facility or onsite via a transporter.


Sump Pumps

These are small pumps that take a suction from the sump supplied by drains from the cask washdown pit


Fuel Pool Cooling Heat Exchangers

These redundant heat exchangers remove heat from fluid circulated from the spent fuel pool. The heat is directed to the component cooling system.


Fuel pool Cooling Pumps

These redundant pumps circulate water from the spent fuel pool to the heat exchangers then back to the spent fuel pool.

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