BWR Plant Buildings

The diagrams below illustrate two different BWR plants. The description below refers to both plants.











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The Reactor Building includes the reactor, drywell (or containment, spent fuel storage pool, reactor support, and emergency core cooling systems, safety-related electrical systems, and building ventilation systems.

The Turbine Building includes the turbine, generator, condenser, condensate and feedwater systems. and nonsafety electrical systems.

The Radioactive Waste (Radwaste) Building includes the various systems used to transfer and store radioactive liquids, gases, and solids.

The Control Room is the central room or complex where the reactor and all plant systems are controlled from.

The Transformer Yard contains the transformers used to raise the voltage sent from the generator (20-25 kilovolts) to the grid (220 to 345 kilovolts), reduce the voltage sent from the grid (130 to 160 kilovolts) to the station electrical systems (4160 to 6900 volts), or from the generator to the station electrical systems.

The Circulating Water Pumphouse (sometimes referred to as the Screenhouse) takes water from the main intake canal (which receives water from a river, lake, or ocean) and supplies it to the condenser. Traveling screens are often used to filter the water. Sometimes these buildings include firewater protection and supply systems.

The Cooling Towers take the circulating water that has warmed up after passing through the condenser, remove the heat by transferring that heat to the air.

The Diesel Generator Building contains the diesel generators used to supply power to emergency equipment if offsite power is unavailable. Typically these diesel generators are expected to operate for a minimum of 7 days.

Spray ponds provide additional safety-related ways of cooling nonradioactive water during emergency conditions.

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